WordPress Plugin Updates, Core Updates & Maintenance

You might have found that your old WordPress site is in need of some updates , or it has stopped working due to out of date core files. We can help you out, by taking a full back up of your site and then getting to work bringing it up to date. Even add a new theme if you are thinking about a WordPress re-design.

It can be quite daunting updating your site and not knowing if you are about to break your site. We can add tools after updating your website which enable you to better handle updates in the future, or of course we can start a rolling maintenance contract with you to keep your site up to date and secure.

WordPress Security

The other reason for updating your website is to keep it secure. Hackers are constantly trying to access WordPress sites due to it’s popularity and as soon a s a core file or plugin file needs a critical update you really should update your site files. We can also add a Security layer to your site using a tried and tested plugin to help prevent your log in area and site from being attacked.