WordPress Help

Has your website been hacked or plugins have failed. If WordPress websites are not kept up to date then it is possible at some point a hacker will find a way into your website through files that are not secure. As WordPress is open source sometimes development of plugins will cease which means your site can be left open to attack as plugins have not been updated when they need to be. We have known sites to be using plugins that have not been supported for years.

WordPress maintenance

It is always a good idea to have your website maintained by a professional to avoid problems. We offer website maintenance if you need it at very reasonable monthly rates where we update your site and take a backup after updating so you have a recent clean copy of your site should anything go wrong.

Is it too late?

Ok so you are probably on this page because it’s too late and your website has been compromised. It might not be all that bad however.

We have fixed many sites, some are simple fixes, where we find the issue then clean the site, re-upload and then add extra security measures to keep a watch on your website. Sometimes it can be more serious and although we would like to say this is an exact science trying to find where the hacker was / is getting in can be difficult. Usually we take your website to a development area to work on the files and database and run scanners to see if the problem has been resolved.

Why sometimes a site gets re-hacked

Sometimes a site will get hacked again after cleaning files and this is usually that the hacker has access to your web server ( FTP ) or database or possibly even your WordPress login that might have been scraped by utilising a virus on the admin’s home computer / office PC, so we suggest the following when getting your site live.

  1. All usernames and passwords changed for WordPress users / admin
  2. All FTP accounts are changed / removed where possible and new ones created with brand new passwords
  3. Database, names, user names and passwords removed and new ones created.
  4. All passwords should be very hard to guess
  5. All PC’s / Devices that access WordPress for administration purpouses are scanned for virus using Anti Virus Software
  6. Sometimes a theme was badly constructed , this can be an issue with bespoke theme creation. Where this is an issue we will more than likely suggest a new theme to avoid future issues.

How much does it cost to fix & secure your WordPress website?

Costs vary on how damaged the website is and how complex the issues are, we can give an estimate before work is carried out.  Do call and let’s see what we can do for you. 01273 252 203