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You might be here because your website has dropped off the face of the earth or you are interested in increasing visitors and revenue from your website.

Having worked in web design and SEO for over 10 years we have seen what works and what does not. We don’t force you into lengthy contracts and have fully transparent reporting on work completed and results gained.

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How Much Will it Cost?

This depends very much on what you want us to do. We charge hourly all the way to contracts that are paid per month. Click the button below to email us or call and we will find the right solution for you.

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Powerful Tools & Transparent Reporting

If you sign up to our SEO services you can expect full and transparent reporting on work completed and results gained. You will not be left guessing where your money is being spent. We will send you monthly reports where you can check on your results and increases in traffic.

We also carry out on site work after creating a full audit of your website to fix important issues that might be holding you back. As part of your SEO campaign we will research your competitors and  link opportunities to increase traffic and search positions. Getting good high quality , trusted backlinks is still important and we have the ability to see who is linking to your competitors.

Keyword Research

We also research your main keywords and phrases, however we often find “long tail” searches where there can be an opportunity to get traffic to your site from phrases you might not have given thought to. Again we have the ability to find these phrases and get more visitors to your website. A current clients website was dropping off google and through research we discovered a whole section of words and phrases and changed tactics across the website. They are now enjoying a 24% increase in traffic, page views are up 51% and average time on site is up 63%.

How Much Are Our SEO Services?

You can join us on a monthly contract that can be ended at any time if you are not happy with our services. We can also do a one off audit at competitive prices and even charge hourly for fixes to your site based on our reports.

Pricing your long term SEO campaign is dependent on your competition and how hard it is to get the positions you need and the time dedicated to your website. We can give solid pricing advice after an initial meeting and audit of your website.

Quality Not Quantity

The most important thing is content. Good quality content written around the key phrases and words you wish to be found for. Other factors such as good quality industry related links to your website are also important.

Google and the other main search providers have concentrated on updating their search algorithms to push down websites that have low quality content. Also the days of having hundreds of links to your website having a huge impact has changed. Quality not quantity is now the trend.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising can now be the only route open for increasing visits to your website. We work with a company based in London and can advise on PPC Advertising as a way to gain more visitors. Read More