CMS websites (Content Management Systems ) are websites where the owner can update information across the whole site and pretty much alter anything on the site. Having a site built in this way means that you do not need a web design company to update it for you.

CMS Features

  • Publish articles ( Publish on a particular date, ideal if you are away on business )
  • Upload images & video and other document types
  • Add new site menu links
  • Create and Publish RSS feeds
  • Allow others to log in to view privileged information only visible to them

Blogs are an example of a basic content management website. You can even write content ahead of time and have it publish on a certain date and time.

I use WordPress a tried and tested software to build blogs and CMS websites. WordPress is used by small and large business and government portals and is far more secure and robust than many other CMS systems out there. Even companies like Getty Images, the BBC use wordpress. In fact this website is built behind wordpress.