cms-top-rightOften used to support a website with frequently updated information or as a standalone website/journal the blog format can be very useful for marketing your company or small business.

UFO have designed a number of blogs for companies on separate domain names or integrated into a current website.

Why have a blog?

Blogs are a great addition to your website where you can post about happy clients / testimonials, general industry chat, useful info for others, general news and more. What a blog does it adds to your website page count and keeps content fresh which search engines love. This will help your website compete better on search engines.

Full admin area

Your blog will have a full admin area where you can create articles, posts, upload media including movies, images and more. With an editor similar to what is used when creating documents in Microsoft Word it is easy to add and edit articles. You can even update your blog from your phone / device while on the move.

I have designed many blogs and websites using WordPress. Have a look at our own blog to see how it works. WordPress is used by small and large business and government portals and is far more secure and robust than many other blogging systems out there.

Even companies like Getty Images, the BBC use wordpress.