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Website Design & Development

You might need an information site that will not require updating often, or you may need a website where you can publish articles to keep customers or employees up to date or you may need to sell online.  There is a lot to think about but rest assured we can guide you through what you might need.

We build good looking and fast loading websites that look good on all devices. Call today and let’s get started!

What does it all mean?

A single page site acts as a business card on the internet. Suitable for advertising your business when search engine placement is not important but you want a web presence to give people a run down of what you offer. Also useful for Pay Per Click advertising where you can design a holding page around a product or products.

It may be you want to go a little further and build a Microsite. Microsites focus on one element of a brand or product they are often used to add a specialised group of information either editorial or commercial.

Most small to medium size websites fall into this category. If you want to have a website that provides information on your services/products but does not need updating continuously or does not need any special functions that are driven by a database then this is for you.

With more and more hand held devices being used to browse the web it has become important to make your website accessible for these devices.

CMS websites (Content Management Systems ) are websites where the owner can update information and pretty much alter anything on their website.

Often used to support a website with frequently updated information or as a standalone website/journal the blog format can be very useful for marketing your company or small business.