Logo design is the most important area of graphic design. The logo is the image embodying a company or organisation.

Because logos are meant to represent brands or company identities and gain immediate recognition, it can be counterproductive to frequently redesign logos although with careful consideration and the right approach a redesign / rebranding can really make a difference to perception of your company and the quality of your services.

A great logo can really make all the difference to how your company is perceived!

Logo Design Pricing

Pricing depends on the complexity of your logo and applications. For a basic design you can expect around £250.  To produce a logo plus artwork like business cards and stationary ready to go to print can often fall between £300 – £400

We present you with the following when producing a logo

  • 3 initial drafts
  • Up to 2 revisions of one concept
  • Final logo as master artwork file,

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