Who owns my website and design?
Upon final payment for the job, you own the site it’s content and the design. We will hold no rights whatsoever to your website. Whoever you choose for your website make sure you own the design, content and domain name. The only things you might not own would be stock photography which remains the property of the publisher.

What is the design process . . where do we start?
The first thing we will do is talk to you in person or on the phone about the functionality expected, target market and size of the website. It is always useful to provide examples of websites you like the look and feel of to help communicate what you like and dislike in a design to us.

When do you ask for payment?
We provide a quotation and prepare visuals to show you what your website will look like. No money changes hands until you give the ok on the draft design artwork. We then ask for 50% of the job total before starting the actual build. The remaining amount to be paid is on “site live” / completion. If final payment is not made then UFO retains ownership and has the right to remove the website until payment is complete.

What if after the site is complete I notice things that need correcting or altering?
We accept that there are often small amendments that occur during this stage of getting a website live and as long as they are small changes and not structural , more text replacement and image replacement then this can be done in the first 2 weeks free of charge.After this period we will charge hourly.

Who provides the text and images for the website?< All text, imagery, logos must be provided by you the client. All content should be provided on disk or uploaded to our FTP site. Text should be provided in .doc format. Images can be sent in .jpg or .tiff and vector graphics as .pdf or .ai .eps/p>

What if I don’t have any images or content?
We can provide professional copy writing services . . read more, also we can provide stock photography at very competitive rates.