Choosing a domain name for your business is an important step and choosing one that will rank well on search engines is equally as important. There are a few routes you may want to think about.

Branded domain names

A branded domain name like for example may be what you are after. The branded domain name looks professional in advertising and can of course be more memorable but depending on what market you are in and how you want to drive traffic to your website a branded domain name may not be for you.

The Upside

They look more professional and are generally more memorable.

The Downside

People don’t search for UFO Design when they look for “web design” and when people link to UFO Design they tend to use anchor link text with the words UFO Design to our site and not website designers sussex which would be more beneficial. This isn’t a concern to UFO as our business is mostly built on reputation not our search engine results.

Keyword rich domain names

These domain names are ideal for good search results for the following reason. Lets say you run a business selling “garden hosepipe” and you own the domain name

The Upside

Anyone linking to your website using your domain name are already linking to your site using the right keywords in their link anchor text those words being “garden hosepipe” this is ideal from an SEO perspective.

The Downside

Many if not most of these domain names are already taken or are for sale and are expensive to purchase.

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