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Writing content for better SEO results

Gone are the days of paying for directory links, well almost gone . . .  Many companies still invest money in paid link directories and although there are still many that have good trust flow, paying for links is clearly frowned upon by google. They are crystal clear about the fact that this goes [...]

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Capitalization Tool

Capitalization Tool Found this useful tool to capitalize headings when working on Meta Titles and SEO. Copy paste, copy to clipboard and hey presto job done. http://titlecapitalization.com/ Meta Tag Character Counter Another useful too to count meta characters can be found here. http://www.typetools.co.uk/google-tool

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RGBA Colour Generator

RGBA Colour Generator I'd like to share this tool with my fellow designers out there. Also this is useful for those who are managing a website through a CMS like wordpress when adding custom colour options to elements. The CSS 3 RGBA Colour picker that is here free online is a great resource. Pick your [...]

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CSS Media Queries for Ipads and Iphones

Often when designing within wordpress the frameworks need extra tweaking depending on the devices they are being viewed on so I often add custom css to get exactly what is needed for the various devices out there. Mostly I design to measurements set by Iphones and Ipads. Example for Iphone  6 - Landscape and Portrait [...]

CSS Media Queries for Ipads and Iphones2016-01-20T10:03:07+00:00

Favicon Generator

This website offers a fantastic free favicon generator. Just upload your own image and it generates versions for all devices. It generated 19 versions for devices from broaswer favicon to icons for Ipad / Iphone / Smartphones and tablets.  Visit Faviconit and give it a try. This saved me a fair bit of time.

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