Collecting data and changing strategy

So simple mistakes can create quite a lot of problems for a website and the amount of traffic they get. Here is an example of what just a little research can do. Premier Forklift Trucks After some research on how people search within Premiers industry it became apparent that forklift trucks was a far more [...]

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Getting some great results

SEO - What works? Trafiki are getting some excellent results over and over again with a combination of research using some valuable paid for software, and some old fashioned common sense alongside tactics we know work from years of experience. We talked to Chris at Trafiki who has been working in SEO before most [...]

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Writing content for better SEO results

Gone are the days of paying for directory links, well almost gone . . .  Many companies still invest money in paid link directories and although there are still many that have good trust flow, paying for links is clearly frowned upon by google. They are crystal clear about the fact that this goes [...]

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