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Fake Conservative Labour Manifesto

Fake Conservative Labour Manifesto 2019 The Conservatives have set up a fake website purporting to contain Labour’s manifesto, in a bid to trick voters looking for the document. The governing party paid Google to promote its website,, to the top of its search results for people searching for the opposition plan.

Fake Conservative Labour Manifesto2019-11-21T14:50:49+00:00

10 Really Easy Ways to Unclog Drains

10 Really Easy Ways to Unclog Drains So the signs are all there the sink is draining slowly, water is gathering around your feet in the shower and strange odours are affecting your home; all signs that you might be facing a completely clogged up drain. This needs to be dealt with quickly and will [...]

10 Really Easy Ways to Unclog Drains2019-07-25T09:16:43+00:00

Office Glass & Partitions

Glass partitions are aesthetically pleasing and give off an impression of professionalism which is difficult to achieve in any other way. . . . great way to quickly improve the look of an office. Read more:

Office Glass & Partitions2019-07-10T11:09:13+00:00

New Water Cooler

Thanks to Drink Works for my new water cooler . Super dooper cold fresh water on tap whenever I want. It's been so hot lately in the office I couldn't even make it to the tap a mere 2 metres away. Cool fresh water on tap from my "plumbed in cooler" perfect.

New Water Cooler2018-06-28T11:08:32+00:00

Responsive Design

We recently built this responsive Wordpress / CMS website. Using a pre-exsisting template we designed this site along with some handy plugins to populate the website with interesting content and widgets like a Music Player , Instagram Gallery Feed, Twitter Feeds, Social Media Buttons and Sharing and much more. The use of a template enabled [...]

Responsive Design2016-10-18T12:03:44+00:00

Not just web design

I'm not just a web designer I have a couple of bands on the go. Check them out. Hotfoot Specials Cajun Band & Hotfoot Drifters Old Time Band

Not just web design2014-02-03T12:36:46+00:00

Website for local restaurant in Eastbourne

We have just completed a website for Ridgway Restaurant in Meads. After a few false starts with other web companies they came to us a bit jaded with the whole process. We listened to what they wanted and got the site up how they wanted. If you are ever in Meads near Eastbourne why not [...]

Website for local restaurant in Eastbourne2016-10-18T12:03:47+00:00