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Unique Baby Toys and Gifts


With a huge number of online shops selling baby products and toys and gifts for children it is nice to find a website where the experience is a little more personal and the items are hand picked. Enter who stock a number of organic, fair trade and unique baby products all hand picked and [...]

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Glynde Forge Site Design


UFO design have completed a website for Glynde Forge. Two young blacksmiths fresh from college have taken over this beautiful forge after being accepted out of the many applicants.. It was a pleasure to meet two young forward thinking blacksmiths. We wish them the best with their new business.  

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Hairdressers Website


New website completed for Eastbourne Hairdressers La Vida. A nice project to complete with lovely supporting images. We hope it brings La Vida new clients. With a full CMS La Vida can add news and Special offers or add new pages and admin all existing content. The website is fully responsive and mobile friendly.  

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The Best Slider For WordPress


What is the best slider for WordPress? ANSWER: Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin Hands down this is simply the best slider there is for Wordpress. When I first designed in WordPress Layerslider ( which is still great ) was the one I used, it just seemed simpler to use. However Slider Revolution just keeps [...]

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Capitalization Tool


Capitalization Tool Found this useful tool to capitalize headings when working on Meta Titles and SEO. Copy paste, copy to clipboard and hey presto job done. Meta Tag Character Counter Another useful too to count meta characters can be found here.

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RGBA Colour Generator


RGBA Colour Generator I'd like to share this tool with my fellow designers out there. Also this is useful for those who are managing a website through a CMS like wordpress when adding custom colour options to elements. The CSS 3 RGBA Colour picker that is here free online is a great resource. Pick your [...]

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Integrate Training Website


UFO were asked to complete a website for Natropath / IEMT and NLP trainer J. Harper. The mobile adaptive website was built to showcase her services to people who wish to train and add the therapies to their practice. The website comes complete with admin area and an events calendar where Jo can add upcoming [...]

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CSS Media Queries for Ipads and Iphones


Often when designing within wordpress the frameworks need extra tweaking depending on the devices they are being viewed on so I often add custom css to get exactly what is needed for the various devices out there. Mostly I design to measurements set by Iphones and Ipads. Example for Iphone  6 - Landscape and Portrait [...]

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