So simple mistakes can create quite a lot of problems for a website and the amount of traffic they get. Here is an example of what just a little research can do.

Premier Forklift Trucks

After some research on how people search within Premiers industry it became apparent that forklift trucks was a far more common search than fork lift trucks. Essentially fork lift is a misspelling and yet the site was worded with these keywords in mind and meta titles also featured fork lift rather than forklift. A simple but costly mistake. After some simple alterations alongside other technical fixes to speed the site up Trafiki Digital Marketing were able to increase clicks and organic visits by 30%.

Trafiki also saw an increase in search positions with impressions up 29% and the CTR much improved.

Some statistics: 30 day comparison. 10/24/2018

Overall Search Data

  • SESSIONS 283+20.43%
  • PAGE VIEWS 1,062+34.26%
  • PAGES/SESSION 3.75+11.49%
  • NEW SESSIONS 213+29.09%