We have just completed a brand new commerce website for Afia who run an online business for wheelchair gloves delivering in the uk and across the globe. A number of things were wrong with the old website. We identified a very low completion of orders and feel this was due to a confusing layout and difficult purchase process during checkout with an added confusion about VAT exclusion for disability products.Also the site was dipping in and out of a secure connection http:// and https:// producing warnings. The site is now hosted fully behind SSL and on super fast servers that are fully PCI compliant.

Generally the site was also in need of a new look and feel bringing it into 2018.

Mobile Experience

We greatly improved the mobile experience by reducing load times and making the basket visible at all times with messages notifying a user when something has been added and giving them choices to continue shopping or checkout. These small changes make a big difference.

After some data research ion the current website this gave us a better idea of where and why people were leaving the site without ordering.

We look forward to working with Afia in the near future on other projects and hope to see a big increase in sales from the new website.

Wheelchair Gloves