SEO – What works?

Trafiki are getting some excellent results over and over again with a combination of research using some valuable paid for software, and some old fashioned common sense alongside tactics we know work from years of experience. We talked to Chris at Trafiki who has been working in SEO before most people even knew what it was.

Chris has developed his own methods over time and it is ever changing as Google algorithms change and move with the times.

The good ole days

It used to be you could stuff words on a page , hide links , hide text and header tags, the job was easy. . . I think most of us did this to some extent who wanted to rank high in particular the obsession with exact match domain names and exact match anchor text, then google changed everything considering these tactics as “Black hat SEO” . Google changed everything for good reason their results were getting crammed full of low quality results and they knew this would push people away from their search engine. Why would you go back to a search engine when the results you keep getting are awful.

Google began to take a serious look at paid links, keyword stuffing, poor content, exact match domain names, domain age and the quality of back links to your site.

It used to be you could just link an exact match keyword like boarding up over and over again from websites that were unrelated / unassociated industries and this would have a great impact on your search positions. not so much these days, although a good quality back link still has an effect it needs to be for a reason. The link above “boarding up” is a client of a friend of mine in marketing so I’m giving him a link within this article using the anchor text of a service page on his clients site. Let’s see what happens with the results in a few weeks.

I often will check on my clients results and take notes of every change I make both “on page” and “off page” alterations. This way I know if something I have done has a positive or a negative impact.

We will be back with more soon.