With a huge number of online shops selling baby products and toys and gifts for children it is nice to find a website where the experience is a little more personal and the items are hand picked. Enter howiwonder.co.uk who stock a number of organic, fair trade and unique baby products all hand picked and brands chosen on integrity.

Their toys and gifts have a traditional feel to them and the quality is obvious. Brands like Moulin Roty, Hazel Village, Jolie Petite Chose all known for being leaders in premium unique products for children.

I do hope we see more from howiwonder and their business continues to grow. With so many generic online stores out there one can feel a little lost and numb by too much choice. It’s nice to know someone has put in the thought for you and chosen products of high quality for your child.

They stock everything from wooden toys and cheap balance bikes to fair trade hand made knitted rattles.

How I Wonder Organic and Fair Trade Gifts and Toys