info-top-rightWell what works, what doesn’t work . . . how do you get links to your website in a more natural way?

1. One way of course is to write unique, informative and engaging copy that people will want to link to. If you are an expert in your industry and can share knowledge to help others do so. Become the person / company that people refer to.

2. Why not help others in your industry, write some copy for their website or blog in return for a back-link to your website.

3. You could of course spread the news of your website/company and services with offers and giveaways, via blogs and social media. Find a competition and offer your services or product as a prize, the person running the comp will surely give you link or review in return.

4. Reaching out through social media like facebook and twitter is of course a growing trend. Article writing, polls, giveaways or just something funny and catchy to get people sharing your website / facebook page can be an easy way to grow your audience.

5. Get listed with your local business listings , council websites anything offering a listing of your business. You can really boost traffic with some simple grafting at getting links and profiles of your company on the numerous online listings for local business.

Well that’s just a very few small things you can do . . For further reading on link building strategies visit this website. It is truly the best place to read in depth about the subject.