There are so many factors and I have some pointers of do’s and dont’s on our main site here. Everyone of course wants to be in the top 10 on google for their search term. In a lot of cases this is possible if your geographic target is relatively small, county level for example. If you want to compete with the big boys on a national level then you need to take on some serious thought about how to move forward. in my experience it is best to not be too aggressive with backlinking ( getting links to your site ) this should be done in a gradual and natural way, or even better you need to create some content that people are going to want to naturally link to.  For example this article might get linked to here and there due to it being informative.

Dont get 500 links for your site in a week. Search engines are wise to this kind of aggressive backlinking. Obviously linking to your website from other websites with keyworded anchor text is a good idea for example (  web design sussex << this link leads to my web design page ) but dont do it if it doesn’t feel natural and dont have the same anchor text for all of your back links again this will seem un natural to search engines and they are sure to be onto it. Vary it up a bit.

If you find yourself creating links just for SEO reasons then try and avoid this. it is far better to take your time and grow the site naturally and organically creating a website that people will find is easy to get around. It is no good getting 1000 confused people running around your site who purchase nothing from you.

Information thats the key. Provide content people want to visit and revisit. Blogs are a wonderful way to build up your websites page count and provide content that people will return to read. If you want your business to succeed on the internet. “You need to put the time in” even with an SEO firm you need to be involved and active in your business on the internet.