Dreamweaver: An FTP error occured cannot conect to host

Ok shock horror Dreamweaver CS4 suddenly decided to not connect to certain servers in my site list today. I tried everything deleting the site and redoing it, checking passive unchecking everything and re checking.I even deleted the .dat cache file for Dreamweaver in hope. But no it still wouldn’t connect to certain servers when my FTP clients Filezilla and Cyberduck would connect so it couldn’t be a firewall issue blocking ports.

Please make sure you check the obvious things first like is my

  • FTP username correct and password?
  • Can I connect using other FTP clients on the same computer?

Things I tried.

Adding :21 after the ftp host name for example ftp.theufoserver.com:21

This did not work for me but it might for you.

In Dreamweaver  / Preferences / Site /  I upped the FTP Timeout to 60 seconds

This did not work for me but it might for you.

This worked for me!

Ok so instead of putting in  ftp host name for example ftp.theufoserver.com I entered the ip address of the domain name.

If you do not know what the ip address of your domain name is go here http://www.hcidata.info/host2ip.htm

I do hope this works for someone out there and it saves you the 3 hours it cost me today trying to work out this Dreamweaver CS4 Bug. All I can think is that Dreamweaver for some reason on a certain host will not process the name into an IP address. leave me a comment if you find anything else useful to add to this article.