Electric Vehicles

//Electric Vehicles


Sussex based entrepreneur Mark Stevenson has started up a new enterprise helping large businesses and public bodies to green up their operations and save money, by adopting electric vehicles.

Mark, a former Account Manager with Unilever, says his experience in a large company has given him a detailed understanding of the way that large organisations work, and their procurement requirements.

His business, The Eco Garage, is marketing a range of ultra-light electric vehicles, which includes the Mega e-City, used by large businesses to replace the traditional pool car, and Mega Multitrucks, commercial vehicles with a choice of five different body configurations.

Mark started The Eco Garage late last year after seeing ultra-light electrics in action while working on projects in Europe.

He said: “Electric vehicles have the potential to save large organisations a lot of money on fuel and overall running costs, and they can also make a big contribution to helping them to meet environmental targets.

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