As a web developer working on a MAC we have to use parallels to be able to run windows and test websites in Windows browsers like IE6 and 7 Firefox etc. I had trouble trying to find a clear way to be able to view sites running locally on my mac using MAMP as my server environment.

The Answer

Ok well to simplify this problem here is the answer. I have seen many more complex answers to the problem but it really is this simple. Go to your MAC system preferences. Click on “sharing” tick the box file sharing in the left menu.

On the right hand side below where it says “file sharing on” it says something like

Other users can access shared folders on this computer, and administrators all volumes, at

afp://your-macs-ipaddress/ or “Your iMac”.

Please note this IP may change next time you start your Mac. Usually there are a couple of IP address’s it might alternate through.
Ok write down or copy the ip address found here. Untick file sharing again it doesnt have to be on. Come out of preferences. Now go into Parallels and your guest operating system. Open up IE6 or 7 whatever you are wanting to test the web pages on. Type the following.


Thats it you can now view a website running locally on your MAC in MAMP.