Ok so its been a while.

I have to say at first I wasn’t sure about skype but after reading further I thought I would give it a go. Not wanting to install a new phone line for business purposes I looked into Skype as a method to talk online but also use as an incoming and outgoing phone and I am really pleased with the results. With a bluetooth headset connected to my IMAC I can sit back and press a button on the screen to answer the phone. Most convenient. My Itunes even fade out automatically so I can answer the call. Technology really is a wonderful thing. So firstly I can recommend skype as a method to make and receive calls. I have noticed at times a slight delay in conversation but I think this may have just been a bad day for my wireless connection. The cost of making calls is incredibly small. And number rental is a fraction of normal phone line rental. Skype is constantly improving with products like skype mobile phones becoming ever popular.

Have a look at Skypes website for more info. www.skype.com

As far as headsets most bluetooth are good but Belkin come recommended. Also I have a logitech table mic which is good if you want music on speaker in the room rather than headset, the table mic cuts out any non direct noise and is very effective.

My other favourite headphones are my Sennheiser HD415.The sound is wonderful. Great bass response. That’s all for now.