It is very easy to spend all your time worrying that you don’t have top spot for a particular keyword but remember there are lots of secondary keywords that people search for and some are more fought over than others. Lets say that “Tennis Holidays UK” has an enormous amount of people fighting for top place and some well established companies that take the first 10 spots. Stop and think how others may search and what they may search for. Tennis Breaks for example, “UK Tennis Holidays“, or “Tennis Coaching Holidays”.

It may be far more realistic for the time being to aim a little lower. Get people to your site, get some traffic flowing using alternate keywording. A good place to check on search volumes these days is the Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool . This tool is used to see what search volume there is for a particular word before setting up a Google Adword campaign and can be very useful to see if people are searching for a particular phrase and gives suggestions on other phrases that may be useful. One nifty trick to get search engine traffic can be to use misspelled keywords within your sites Meta Description or Title of the page. Be careful though you don’t want to make yourself look silly. Lets say someone searches for UK Tennia Holidays or Tennis Hilidays, typing fast they have knocked a key on their keyboard by mistake and press enter. When they look up you may very well be top of the search engines and they click on your website rather than retype the correct term. The long and the short of it is, make sure that your website involves secondary keywording to get maximum traffic.