Well I like to paint and haven’t done for quite a while due to my busy schedule but intent to get back to it very soon. I like nothing more than to be out in the open early morning or late evening with few people about. The busy world we live in has not awoken yet and the peace and quiet is as inspiring as the finished article. I love visiting the local marsh or the foot of the South Downs to paint.

Light interests me more than the subject in fact one of my personal favourite paintings featured a village corner scene with a yellow skip awaiting collection. It had nothing to do with the subject really. The yellow skip provided a balance to the picture, a feeling work was about to start but the workers were not yet there yet or finishing their morning cup of tea. I struggle to keep the subject as secondary. Don’t get me wrong the composition is important and of course subject is part of this but to me a modern bungalow in the right light and atmosphere is as interesting as a castle in the mist.